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Spiritual Nuggets / Spiritual Words

Money corrupts our common life

& we must therefore banish it from among us.

We must first give & afterwards eat.

Giving is God-like,

Hoarding is Hell.

Walk alone,

O thou fortunate,

Walk alone.

What do I want?

I want change:

First, change of Heart,

then change in personal life habits,

followed by change in structure of Society.

I aim at a Triple change, a Triple Revolution.

------From Moved By Love: On The Path To Freedom


Kabir, where there is Divine knowledge

there is Righteousness;

Where there is falsehood, there is SIN.

Where there is covetousness, there is death;

Where there is forgiveness, there the LORD is.

---Sri Guru Granth, Sahib Slok 155, Page 1372


If by going about naked

One could obtain unity

With the Supreme Lord,

All the beasts of the wild wood

Would be among the saved.


What does it matter

Whether a man goes naked

or wraps himself in skins,

So long as the spirit of God

Is not realised within him?


If mearly by shaving one's head

one could become perfect,

when the sheep are shorn

Why should they not be saved?


If one could obtain salvation

Merely by remaining content,

Eunuchs should automatically

Reach the Supreme state!


Saith Kabir:

Listen my brothers.

None has obtained Salvation

But through GOD's Holy Name

-----Sri Guru Granth, Sahib Rag Gauri, Page 324



My death has died & made me immortal.

I saw my death with my own eyes,

and it was an incomparable festival.

---Sant Tuka Ram


You cannot remove the thorns appeared on earth.

But if you put on the shoes, the thorns will fail to hurt you.


Never desire to be served.

Always remain eager to do the service.


The world in fact is aberration of mind.

--Mahatma mangat ram Ji Maharaj (1903-1954) Samata Prakash


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